About exhibition

“Vasda Lahore”

“Living Lahore

Call for Exhibition Entries

Lahore Sudhar has planned to organize an exhibition dedicated to the living city of Lahore, aimed at exploring, expressing, inventing and unfolding the spirit and form of the city. The city is not merely a static, spatial, functional, geographical place but a breathing, moving, pulsating being, teeming with stories and songs, imagination, wisdom, magic and myth. It is a rich layered site of our shared living. The project is purposed at creating urban knowledge; initiating active interaction with and dialogue about the city and its future.

The exhibition will include photographs, audio/Video recordings and Text about the city. We look forward to developing a thorough, interesting, comprehensive collection with your contributions.

A panel of designers and artists will select and arrange the final exhibition in collaboration with the contributors.

A blog of the exhibition process and final selections will be available on the web. We invite all interested individuals to send us their response before 30th September 2008, so that we may finalize the entries.

Submission Details

– Photographs: minimum 450 x 450 pixels

Audio/video recordings: Digital format, MP3/Wave, Cd/DVD

Text: MS word, Inpage or Pdf, any language, English, Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Baluchi or Pashto

Postal address: 41, B3, Gulberg 3, Lahore, Pakistan.

Email: info@lahorechitrkar.com ,  lahorechitrkar@gmail.com , lahorechitrkar@hotmail.com

Contact person: Rabia Nadir (042-5758897 , 0300-4400573)

The following information must be included,

1. Participant’s Full Name, age & profession

2. Date, Title and Location of the entry

3. Brief Descriptive Write-up about the entry

Categories: A list of categories suggesting ideas, themes, areas and subjects that may be explored for entries follows:

1. Portraits: Lahori characters, ordinary, peculiar, mundane, striking, haunting, amusing

2. Presence of the Past: historical structures; buildings, monuments, areas; shadows of past events and memories as seen in the city

3. Nature: old trees, birds, animals, rivers

4. A Lahori Neighborhood: focused on specific places, faces, activities

5. Shelter: homes, living spaces,

6. Writings: on rickshaws, signs, banners, walls

7. “Rozi Roti”: earning a living in the city; workers, uniforms, workplaces

8. Creative City Spirit: examples of invention, ingenuity, initiative; recycling, crafts

9. Meeting Places: roundabouts, chai khanaas, street pavements

10. Hidden Treasures: images of the lesser known/obvious; architecture, markets, foods and crafts, nooks and corners

11. “The Backstage”: what makes the city function; workers, infrastructure

12. “On the Move”: traveling, commuting in the city

13. “Only in Lahore”: the truly local; indigenous people, happenings, specialties

Awaiting your enthusiastic response!

Lahore Sudhar

4 Responses to About exhibition

  1. Sadaf says:

    how and where are we suppose to send our entries? No email or street address has been specified, nor any contact person? Should the photograph be downsized or should it be at print resolution?

  2. vasdalahore says:

    Hi, we have just added the details you requested, thanks

  3. vasdalahore says:

    The exhibition submission date has been extended till 30th October 2008

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