City Record – Guru Mangat and Theh Pind

December 12, 2008


The stamp on the girder of the small railway underpass at ‘Workshop Chowk ‘ crossing in Gulberg gives its date as 1908 and the name of the bridge builders from Howrah. The railway line came much earlier but this opening must have been made later or replaced? in 1908.

Present day Gulberg was laid out in the 1950’s but the earlier settlements the two villages of Guru Mangat and Theh Pind continue to live in the footprint of their narrow winding layout within the grid iron layout of planned Gulberg. Perhaps the underpass was created for express service for movement to the cantonment from the villages or the cremation ground which was across the railway line.


Villages of Guru Mangat and Theh Pind from 1927 map of Lahore. Rifle range on right is just off the present day Jinnah flyover.