Midday break

November 25, 2008


Photograph by Mohammed Ramzan

Lahore street scenes

November 8, 2008

The following pictures were taken by Shahid Mirza.

Rozi roti

Pan shop in Anarkali Lahore

Fish shop, Mozang chowngi, Lahore

Tea break at Bashir Fish shop, Mozang chowngi, Lahore

Picture of the Day: Earning Halal Rozi

November 1, 2008

Photograph originally taken by Maleeha Azeem. Clicking on the photograph will take you to Maleeha’s flickr page.

Picture of the Day: Crafting the Tabla

October 25, 2008

One of the very few skilled artists left in Walled City who still earn their living by crafting tabla.

Photograph originally taken by Dream Catcher Forever.

Lahore as seen by Maciej Dakowicz

September 27, 2008

Maciej Dakowicz is a UK based freelance photographer who spent 4 weeks in April 2006 in Pakistan and instantly fell in love with its people and places. He writes about Lahore and Pakistan in general:“What a great country to travel, it is a bit like India, but without all the hassle. People are extremely friendly and hospitable and I have never met such people before. They like to talk to you – I had to answer “What’s your name?” and “What is your country?” questions hundreds of times – it is tiring after some time. I was invited for a cup of tea and offered a cold drink lots of time. Once in a restaurant a man I have never seen paid for my meal..”

For readers interest, I am posting four selected photos taken by Maciej Dakowicz. Each one of them tells a story and all you have to do is tell us what is the first thing or thought that comes in your mind when you see the photograph. Should be interesting 🙂

Note: Click on each image for enlarged view. A version of this post also appeared on All Things Pakistan in March 2008 and Lahore Metblog in December 2006.

Rozi Roti – Scenes from Delhi Gate, Lahore

September 15, 2008

Photo Descriptions (L-R): 1) Sheesha store at Delhi Gate in Lahore. Photograph originally taken by Abro. 2) Old man selling Suparees inside Delhi Gate, Lahore. The door behind him leads to Shahi Hamaam. Phptograph originally taken by Almaas. Click on each image for enlarged view.