City Walks

The Vasda Lahore exhibition spawned the idea of city walks on alternate sundays. We see these walks as a shared experience of the city that can help strengthen our engagement with the larger city and a dialogue among the walk participants.

Next Walk

Walled City

Date: 18th January 2009

Time: 10 am

Zain-ul-Abedin will be guiding us through the streets of Mori Gate his childhood neighborhood.

We will meet outside Mori Gate at the place of the Tandoor Makers. Take the time if you come early to visit the shrine of Miti Wali Sarkar outside the gate on the left.

Mitti Wali Sarkar


Walk 1 Nawankot , Multan Road


Walk 2 Anarkali to Lohari bazaar and Haveli Naunihal Singh inside Mori Gate


Walk 3 Lahore Fort to inside Kashmiri Gate and Maryam Zamani Mosque inside Masti Gate

We are planning the next walk on Sunday 30th November to the neighborhood of the shrine of Madho Lal Hussain in Baghbanpura. We will be meeting at the Shahlimar Garden Parking lot at 9am on Sunday.

We hope that feedback and observations from the walks will be recorded and shared on this blog.

One Response to City Walks

  1. Kaptain says:

    Hope Lahore, my first love, regains its contemporary beauty and appeal.

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